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Breakfast for Dinner, Dessert and Everything Else

For our first blog post, we bring you OatMeals. Located in downtown Manhattan, we promise that even if you’re a health conscious freak, or the type of person who takes pride in frequently entering food comas, OatMeals can accommodate almost any taste pallet. Of course they offer the classics like Brown Sugar and Blueberry, but they also offer Bacon Pumpkin and Truffle RisOATto, among many others. Who ever said that oatmeal was solely a breakfast food definitely never tried OatMeals!

Although everything on their menu sounded very appealing, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try S’mores oatmeal. Come on, who wouldn’t want to eat S’mores for breakfast, but pretend it’s healthy because of the oatmeal? With melted chocolate, marshmallows and gram crackers, we basically forgot that what we were eating was semi-healthy, but like not really. As we always say, “everyday is a food day,” so seriously, why not start your day with a bowl of heart-healthy oats disguised as your favorite sleep away camp dessert? Or better yet go for lunch or dinner because remember oatmeal is no longer only a breakfast food.

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