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Aesthetically Pleasing Yogurt

Talk about aesthetically pleasing, Chobani literally makes yogurt look like a piece of art! Located in SoHo, Chobani offers sweet and savory yogurt concoctions, in addition to non-yogurt foods. We decided to stick with the classic and try Fresh Fruit + Granola (with Raspberries) and Blueberry + Power. To be completely honest we were skeptical about Chobani SoHo because you can easily make everything on the menu from the comfort of your own home. However, the skepticism soon vanished when our yogurts were ready. The yogurt is served in a beautiful glass bowl on a wooden platter. Can food presentation really get more hipster? Just the aesthetic quality of the yogurts made us love Chobani SoHo, and not mention our yogurts tasted delicious! We highly recommend checking it out. When your food looks good, it always tastes even better!

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